Concept, Design Direction, Design

Brand Collateral, Display Graphics
About This Project

For this pitched fixture I was paired with a copywriter and tasked with improving T-Mobiles merchandising and communication around a family of devices best described as smart trackers. This included devices such as smartwatches aimed at children and the elderly, as well as devices that would collect tracking and other analytics from a connected vehicle or piece of luggage. All powered by T-Mobile network of course. While T-Mobiles current in store messaging could best be described as a value proposition, a strategy that works well for easily understood devices such as smartphones, it was our feeling that this family of devices would greatly benefit (and sell better) with a bit more storytelling behind them. With this in mind we began crafting a narrative around these devices. To better understand these devices as a family I would suggest thinking of all the devices that together make a smart-home, but rather than a smart home these devices could create a smart world for the consumer. Allowing them to keep tabs on all the people and things they loved.

The result was a concept we dubbed Your World on Track. With the help of my copywriter friend Roman we crafted the bellow intro to the idea and set about designing a custom fixture that could slot into existing T-Mobile stores and provide a space for these devices to live together as well as visually tell this story in a way that would draw the consumer in.

“Life’s got a lot of moving parts. It’s easier to keep up when you know everything’s on track. Your luggage? On track to your destination. Your daughter? On track to her sleepover. Your car maintenance? Also on track. With T-Mobile’s suite of devices, it’s seamlessly possible on one network.”

As part of this concept we also took the opportunity of combining the products price cards, as well as moving complex information off the display by pointing the consumer to a QR code in the banner leading to a custom microsite. This would allow the consumer to dive deeper on the individual devices and how they could all work together while keeping the fixture clean while also keeping the information immediately available.