Concept, Design Direction, Art Direction, Design

Branded Environment, Display Graphics, Visual Identity
About This Project

As part of T-Mobiles efforts to renovate and update their Bellevue headquarters I was tasked with leading the concept and design for all branded expressions in building one AKA the Terrace building. Our goals for the space were to #1 Enhance the workplace experience for employees and visitors to better reflect the Un-Carrier experience and capture the spirit of Rebellious Optimism. As well as #2 create engaging, inspiring and humanistic brand expressions that reflect T-Mobile’s unique culture and values, and showcase T-Mobile’s customer commitment.

Our overall strategy for the campus was for each building to have it’s own theme, which would speak to the T-Mobile brand. The theme for Terrace was decided to be one of change and evolution to reflect T-Mobiles effect on the telecom industry, as well as their commitment to continued growth and change. This ultimately led to a focus on branded expressions and materials that could visually accomplish one of the following:

• Shift from transparent to opaque
• Create new images or perspectives when layers align

• Evoke mutation or evolution
• Play on revealing what is hidden
• Express innovation
• Play on notions of “being alive”
• Elicits interaction and discovery

Terrace consisted of five floors including a lobby/entryway, elevators/stairways, work spaces, conference rooms, and a cafe. Working with the architecture team, areas were identified based on projected foot traffic and availability of space for branded installations and graphic executions. Concepts where then designed to fit these spaces while accomplishing the project goals and fitting in with the overarching building theme. The scale of this project prevents me from going into depth on how each each piece met these goals, or showing a comprehensive breakdown of every execution and branded experience, however a selection of this work is shown to the left.