Concept, Design Direction, Design

Brand Collateral, Brand Guidelines, Visual Identity
About This Project

One of my primary duties while at JDK was the design and maintenance of all Xbox brand guidelines, associated templates and branding assets.

This included:
Xbox Brand Guidelines
Xbox One Brand Guidelines
Xbox 360 Brand Guidelines
Xbox Live Brand Guidelines
Xbox 360 Game Advertising Guidelines
Xbox One Game Advertising Guidelines
Xbox Entertainment Studios Guidelines
Xbox Entertainment Partner Guidelines
All assets and templates for the above

As much of Xbox’s branding appears in collaboration with; game and media producers, various retailers, magazines, websites and other partner brands their branding has to work with a large variety of different layouts. This makes having a bullet proof set of branding guidelines, template library, and collection of branded assets vital. It also meant that these guidelines and collection of assets had to account for, and adapt to unforeseen brand needs. These guidelines formed the basis for the appearance of all Xbox branded media seen in retail, print, video, and on the web.